We’re experienced business advisors investing in inspirational entrepreneurs across the South West.

/ About Us

We’re two founders who believe passionately about business, equitable access to finance, learning from others and sharing our knowledge.

We’re creating a network of angels, investing inclusively across the South West. 

Whether you’re currently investing, looking to start or considering investing for the future, we’d love for you to join us. 

/ Benefits of Joining an Angel Investment Group

There are many advantages of joining a syndicate:

Spread Risk

Work alongside like-minded angel investors to help minimise the risk.

Pool Finances

Give entrepreneurs more capital and increase their chances of success.

Grow Network

Meet interesting founders and other angel investors from all walks of life.

Share Due Diligence

Split the work by contributing with your specialist knowledge and expertise.

Broader Portfolio

Invest in a variety of startups to boost your chances of securing a return.

Share Knowledge

Provide ongoing value by sharing your skills, experience and contacts.

/ Our Advisors

Inclusive Angels was born out of a shared passion for entrepreneurship and a will to help startups across the South West succeed.

/ Alice Stephenson

Alice is both cofounder of Inclusive Angels and founder & CEO of Stephenson Law, an alternative law firm based in Bristol.

/ Amy Newton

Alongside her role as Inclusive Angels co-founder, Amy also works as a Consultant Finance Director through her company Newton’s Theory.

/ Is Angel Investing for Me?

Angel investing can provide exciting opportunities, however it’s not for everybody.

High Risk – High Reward

If you’re willing to commit financially you can achieve a significant return.

Diversify Portfolio

Through angel investing you can diversify your wider investment portfolio.

Tax Incentives

Benefit from government backed schemes and claim tax relief up-to 30%.

Promote Entrepreneurship

Support founders and their businesses at a critical stage of development.

Support What You Care About

Focus on the areas of business that you’re passionate about.

It’s Fun!

Meet like-minded people and help early-stage startups to flourish.

/ Get in Touch

To find out more about the Inclusive Angels network, how you can get involved and what comes next, get in touch using the form below: